“We can’t teach what we don’t know, and we can’t lead where we won’t go.”
Malcolm X


I offer trainings, workshops, and individualized consultations for educators, families, and students. Each workshop is designed to meet clients’ specific needs.

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Photo by  Ian Schneider

Photo by Ian Schneider

Photo by  Thought Catalog


Trainings for K-12 teachers, staff and administrators are theory-driven but focused on concrete practices. Popular topics include:



Workshops for parents are often focused on how parents can be effective advocates for their children. The bulk of these workshops are information-based with ample time for questions. Popular topics include:

  • Understanding IEPs and Other Policies

  • College and Career Planning

  • Choosing the Right School for My Child

  • Understanding My Child as a Learner

Photo by  Dylan Nolte

Photo by Dylan Nolte

Photo by  Nathan Anderson


Workshops for students focus on academic support. Many workshops can be adjusted for age groups as young as 6. Popular topics include:

  • What Kind of Learner Am I?

  • Improving My Academic Habits

  • Recovering from Academic Set Backs

  • Planning for the Future (internships, job searching, resumes, interviews)