“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”
—Martin Luther King Jr.


I am available for keynote addresses, presentations, and facilitating discussion groups. Please submit an inquiry form to receive a list of services and fees detailing the components of each service.

Photo by  Joao Cruz

Photo by Joao Cruz

Keynote Addresses

Dr. Whitaker regularly delivers keynotes at commencements, professional development seminars and conferences. Topics for keynote addresses are decided upon in concert with hosting organizations, but the structure of keynotes rarely include interactive components such as small group activities or question and answer sessions.


Presentations are given to clients who are interested in learning more about a specific topic. Most presentations are grounded in recent educational data with a clear link to education policy and practice. All presentations include time for questions and answer sessions and will almost always have handouts. When applicable, pdfs and ppts of presentation materials can be made available.

Discussion Groups

Informal discussion groups are a popular choice when small groups want to have a casual conversation about a particular educational issue. These sessions resemble book clubs; conversation is focused on a specific text or film. The structures of these meetings vary according to client's needs and interests, but always include time for focused questions and answers.